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Calling all CASAs with a Heart of Gold

Overview and Purpose

When we ask CASA volunteers where they heard about CASA for Children, one of the most common responses we get is “from a friend or family member." (often a current CASA volunteer!)

In an effort to leverage this tried and true tactic, CASA for Children is seeking to be more intentional about putting resources towards supporting ‘word of mouth’ as a recruitment strategy.

We often say that our CASA volunteers have hearts of gold, so, beginning February 2023 we will be engaging with current CASA volunteers in the Hearts of Gold Campaign in an effort to recruit new CASA volunteers!

We believe in the value and strength of community and are excited to engage with current CASA volunteers in spreading awareness about the urgent need for CASA volunteers in Multnomah, Washington, Columbia and Tillamook counties. 


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How it Works

This is a competition! All CASA volunteers will be a part of a team. Your team is determined by your supervisor. Individual CASA’s will earn points for their team by engaging in specific recruitment tactics. For example, if your CASA Supervisor is Allie, you’ll be on Allie’s team and any points you earn will be counted towards your team total. 

Teams will compete with each other by county. Winners will be announced after February 28th, 2023, following with a celebration in March.

You can learn more about how you earn and track points by clicking below. More details can be found in the Hearts of Gold Toolkit.

Our needs are constantly changing, but one thing is constant… We always need CASA volunteers. We are seeing a growing number of families coming into the system in all of the counties we serve and that means our waitlist is also growing at an alarming rate. Hearts of Gold is a fun, word-of-mouth CASA recruitment initiative with the goal of spreading awareness about the CASA for Children mission and in turn, have more people sign up to become CASA volunteers and make an impact in these children's' lives. 

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Jazmin Roque, Volunteer Recruiter:

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