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When a child who has been abused and neglected is going through the trauma of the court system, a CASA is tirelessly working to guide them through safely, quickly, and effectively.


Donate now online, it’s a safe and secure way to give. Your support will help children in our community who have been abused or neglected find safe, permanent homes.


We need volunteers more than ever to help a child find a safe, permanent home. Become a CASA and make a lasting difference in the life of a child.


Betsy Stark Miller, CASA Executive Director, 503.988.5115,


Kathy Finney, Finance & Operations Director,  503.988.4180,

Toye Jones, HR & Equity Director, 503.988.4160,

Pamela Fleischmann*, Front Office Lead, 503.988.5115,

Nicole Pfeifer, Front Desk & Program Assistant, 503.988.9000,

Erika Best, Executive Assistant, 503.988.9863,


Anna Patterson, Development & Communications Director,  503.988.5115,
Laura Davis, Development & Marketing,

Recruitment, Training, Intake, and Data

Kristen Lewis*, Program & Legal Director, 503.988.5282,
Leslie Quilmann, Training Manager, 503.988.5282,

Jake Birkel, Training & Recruitment Coordinator, 503.988.4175,

Char Riley*, Intake Manager, 503.988.4178,

Kristin Payne*, Data Quality & Outcomes Manager, 503.988.4172,

Multnomah County

Becca Lowry*, Teen Program Manager, 503.988.9864,

Kate Salazar*, CASA Supervisor, 503.988.9825,

Abigail Wafula-Card*, CASA Supervisor, 503.988.9892,

Delia Anderson, CASA Supervisor, 503.988.4177,

Danielle McCauley, CASA Supervisor, 503.988.5778,

Washington County

Mamadou Toure*, Program Manager - Knowing Who You Are Manager, 503.992.6728 x103,

Jeff Tapia*, Lead CASA Supervisor, 503.992.6728 x 109,

Jennifer Bohanek, CASA Supervisor, 503.992.6728 x 105,

Julie Fong*, CASA Supervisor, 503.992.6728 x 102,

Madi Thomason*, CASA Supervisor, 503.992.6728 x 107,

Desiree Udo*, CASA Supervisor, 503.988.6728 x 104,

Columbia & Tillamook County

Karin Miller*, Program Manager, Columbia County, 503.410.5043,

Vanessa Genens*, Program Manager, Tillamook County, 503.842.8432,

Jacqueline Curry*, CASA Supervisor, 503.410.5378,

Paige Diaz*, CASA Supervisor & Volunteer Recruiter, 503.410.5097,


* Denotes an active or former Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)

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