With the help of a CASA, children get through the trauma of the foster care system safely, quickly and effectively. Here are some of the ways a CASA advocate makes a difference in the life of an abused or neglected child in the foster care system:



  • Children in the court system can move from foster home to foster home an average of 6.6 times. With the help of a CASA, children can experience less trauma by reducing that number to an average 3.9 moves.

  • A child is twice as likely to receive the counseling needed to treat serious issues due to abuse and neglect with a CASA advocating on their behalf.



  • Children spend an average of 28 months in the foster care system. With a CASA advocate overseeing the process, the time can be reduced by 8 months.



  • Oregon tax payers spend $26,600 per child per year in foster care. With the help of a CASA, the child moves quickly through the system reducing the tax payers’ cost per child by $17,736.

  • CASA volunteers dedicate approximately 108,240 hours a year filling a critical need for a child in an overburdened court system. These hours are valued at $2.22 million which is the equivalent of 52 full-time employees.

  • Cases with a CASA are more likely to be permanently closed by finding a safe and permanent home so children do not re-enter the system.


  • 1,007 children who were abused or neglected received a CASA

  • 474 CASAs advocated on behalf of these children.

  • 275 new children were served

  • 87 new CASAs joined the program

  • 274 cases were successfully closed


When a child who has been abused and neglected is going through the trauma of the court system, a CASA advocate is tirelessly working to guide them through safely, quickly, and effectively.


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